(Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: How and when can I sign up for the Dual-Credit Option to get college credit for this b4worldview course?

    Answer:  Should you choose the Dual Credit Option, go here for instructions on how and when to register and pay for this option.

Question: If I stop in the middle of a session and logout, when I log back in later, will it start me up in the same place as where I left it when I logged out?


Question: Is there a way to change the answers I already gave?

    Answer: No. Once you enter an answer, it cannot be changed.  Even if you use the back button to go back to previous lessons, and see the question asked again, the system will not record your second answer. It will only keep your first answer. Usually, your first answer is the best one, so we do not allow you to change your mind later about answers you have previously given. Normally, most analysis and conclusions we make about you is based on multiple data entries (answers you give to questions), so a single answer is not usually going to be the determining factor.


Question:  How can I go back and watch a previously viewed video lesson?

    Answer: Most of the longer instructional video lessons can be viewed from the “Key Video Lessons” index page. You can get to this index page by clicking the “Key Video Lessons” choice in the Hamburger Drop Down Menu (located in the upper right corner of your screen).


Question: Sometimes, the video is blurry or pauses. Is that normal?

    Answer: The video is all recorded in HD (High Definition). The streaming server will automatically transmit a lower quality video image, and occasionally pause for buffering, if your Internet connection is not fast enough to support the HD quality. The minimum connection download speed ("download bandwidth") is 4Mb. If you have a slower connection speed, you will experience lower quality video. This is the same as other streaming services such as Netflix, Pureflix, YouTube, etc.


Question:  How do I report a bug (or suspected program error)?

    Answer:  Send us an email at info@b4worldview.com with the words “Bug Report” in the SUBJECT line of the email. Please describe the problem in the email. You may even want to attach a screen shot of the problem. We will usually assign someone to problem within an hour or two of receiving the email. Most problems are resolved within 24 hours, but some more difficult problems may take longer.


Question: If I paid for this course online, and I do not complete it, is there a way to get my money back?

    Answer: No. We do not have a way to refund previous payments. However, the course will remain available for you to complete at a later time when it becomes more convenient for you to do so. However, your choice to wait for a later time to complete this course does not serve as a sufficient reason for postponing completion if a professor, teacher, or your organizational requires you to complete it by a certain date.


Question: Are my answers kept confidential?

    Answer: Yes! Our privacy policy is our promise to you to safeguard the confidentiality of all your answers. We need you to be honest in your answers and we know you value your privacy. We want you to know that we also value your privacy. No one will ever see your name attached to your particular answers. Only if you specifically request us to do so will we release your answers to you and then you can give them to whomever you wish. 

    In the normal operation of this Web site, we record your answers and add them anonymously to an aggregate group for the purpose of analyzing how the entire group has performed. Any individual data has the name of that individual removed before it is reported, so individual data is kept anonymous. In this way, your answers are kept strictly confidential.


Question: How do I ask a question if it is not on this FAQ?