How to Request Your User Data Profile

Your “User Data Profile” is a report of the analysis of some of the data collected from you as you were answering questions while taking the b4worldview training course. This report is available ONLY AFTER YOU COMPLETE THE ENTIRE COURSE. (Please do not request this report until you have completed the entire course.)

Your “User Data Profile” is only available to you. For confidentiality reasons, it can be provided by us to no one else but you. Once you receive it, you may provide it to whomever you wish, but that is your decision, not ours.

To request your “User Data Profile,” send an email, from the email address you used to register in this course, to with the email SUBJECT of: User Data Profile Request.  Include the following statement in this email:

    “I have completed the b4worldview course and I request you send my User Data Profile Report to this email address.”

Usually a request such as this is processed in a day or two, but occasionally it takes longer based on work load, personnel availability, and other factors. So, please allow up to one week for processing.