Key Thought for this session:

“My worldviews are what make me think, feel, and act as I do.”

When we look back on history, we see value in the struggles and victories of those who have gone before us. Looking to the future, most of us yearn for an even more respected and virtuous global society. We like the idea of greater justice and less corruption ... and we are all in the process of finding our role in this story.

And being a part of that story, you have tremendous worth and great potential. Most of us don't realize the impact we can make in our own lives, or even the lives of others. What might this mean for you? That is the door we want to help open for you as we work through this course together.

Taking it a step further I'm sure you have already encountered various views on the important areas of life like social etiquette, relationships, religion, work, family, politics, economics and so on. Looking into these issues, you want to do what is right. You likely desire to see more peace around you, not people who are divided and fighting with each other. But, the question is: how do we get there and what is your part in it?

Again, this course is designed for the purpose of training you ... as you walk through life ... to decipher information, to reason effectively, and to discover ways to unravel many of life's mysteries. We do this in this course with PROBING QUESTIONS and SCENARIOS presenting opportunities for you to consider more effective and meaningful ways of thinking and functioning on a daily basis, transforming your life, and changing how you live and work. So as you work through these questions ahead, and take time here and there to consider the topics ... Try not to come to quick conclusions. Allow yourself to be challenged. So, here's a question ... (and remember we will not be sharing your answers with anyone; we only want to give you a moment to "ponder" the things that matter in your life).

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