Key Thought for this session:

“Ultimately I can go only one of two ways — which path do I take?”

We also looked at the question, “What is REAL?” We saw that a person with a carnal identity sees something as real if it is physically observable and is TRUE (meaning it is not counterfeit and not a lie). This is in contrast to a person with a spiritual identity who thinks something is real only if it is ALWAYS true, regardless of time and circumstances—so it is permanent or eternal.

We also saw that these answers to the question of “What is real?” have the following corollaries. Those who think that something is real only if it is physically observable, tend to think that only physically observable objects exist; and that abstract objects are not real. And those who think something is real only if it eternal, tend to see physical objects that exist primarily as pointers that represent real eternal objects.

So now let me ask you how YOU prefer to think about the best way for YOU to think about what is real.