Key Thought for this session:

“I came into this world yearning for an abundant and virtuous life; what happened?”

<Breanne>Welcome back! So here at b4WORLDVIEW, we have several instructors that we may switch off from time to time. This just provides you with a little variety and it also allows us to give you the best instructors for a particular subtopic we may be teaching at the time. Now, in our previous session we began to address the worldviews of how you see law, how you make choices (principled or practical), how you view rewards and reward givers, and how your worldview affects your perception of truth and authority. In this session, Session 2, we will address the worldview of your identity. which, speaking of instructors, brings us to Joseph who specializes in the instruction of this topic of study and I will be stepping out of the picture for a while as he walks you through this next session, so ... Take it away!

<Joseph>Alright, great! So... again, I’m Joseph… and in this course, we will discuss several sub-topics of worldview. These worldview topics will introduce you to various aspects of your culture called “spheres of influence”. These “spheres of influence” are important domains that impact your life, such as economics, business, work, family, government, media, education, and religion. However, you develop and engage your worldviews as an individual human being, a player on the complex world’s stage right now, related to the past and shaping the future.

We believe history is an ongoing narrative of people being born into this world, seeking to live their life abundantly and virtuously. Abundance has to do with quantity. How do I live a full life? To have abundance, people develop perspectives that are self-serving. They seek ways to prosper by getting their needs met in ways that make sense to them. But, at the same time people want to be virtuous. Virtue has to do with the quality of life. Virtue is wanting to be “a good person”. Being “good” or as some call it, “doing the right things”, comes from a sense of legitimacy or respect and acceptance by people, and peaceful coexistence with the universe-- like humanity, nature, or God. So, the question we want explore is: “How does abundance and virtue depend on your worldviews?”

Most of us start out in life with optimism, hopes and dreams for what our life can be. However, for many of us we learn through experience that life is difficult. There are many challenges that work against our dreams. We get disappointed by people, sometimes even abused and bullied. We may get to the point where we want to just survive, get by from one day to the next. Some even abandon the hope of an abundant and virtuous life. Yet, there’s something inside that keeps reminding us that we are unique and want to be loved. We have something special to offer the world around us, but we struggle to always make sense of how we fit, which path we should take, and question if things will ultimately work out for us.

As much as you want to do the right thing, say the right thing, have the right impact on others around you, are there times when you feel confused by what to do?