Key Thought for this session:

“I came into this world yearning for an abundant and virtuous life; what happened?”

Remember the memory principle for session 2? “I came into this world yearning for an abundant and virtuous life, what happened?” Can’t you imagine this is somewhat how this orphan girl felt? The orphan girl may have often asked, “what happened?” I lost my parents, found myself alone on the streets, and then someone decides I should live in the mansion on the hill. The orphan girl’s circumstances overwhelmed her so quickly in her life. Her identity or perception of herself had become so established by her circumstances that it apparently did not change just because she was adopted. Something stood between her old identity and the reality of her new one. This is a simple story but has profound wisdom for you.

Like the girl, you too have a story and from your story you receive a self-image. But:

Is the image you have of yourself the real you?
Does your self-image serve you well?
Do you let other people or situations shape your view of yourself?

Like the girl in this story, one of your worldview challenges is whether you and others see you for who you really are. Personal identity has many components.

As you can see your personal identity comes from your personality, your beliefs, your experiences, your knowledge, and the image you project to others. Let’s take a brief look at each. When you are ready to begin, click the button below.