Key Thought for this session:

“The outcome of my life fits my priorities.”

Let’s spend some time looking at how you CURRENTLY feel about these six needs of your soul. For each, I will ask you two things. First, I’ll ask you to select between two options describing what you believe causes you to be satisfied for that particular need. Then I’ll ask you to rate how you currently feel that need is being satisfied in your life. A “one” would mean you are not at all satisfied and a “ten” means you are completely satisfied. I will give each of these six needs to you one at a time. The first is the need for purpose.

Purpose is basically a reason for being. Some say your purpose is the “itch of your soul”. Your purpose answers the question “why do I exist?” and gives meaning and significance to life. How you understand significance determines how you view purpose. You may see your purpose as the positive impact you have on others and the world around you based on what you do. If so, you would choose column 1. OR you may consider that your purpose and significance comes from the status of the one who chooses you to partner with them in what they think is important (such as your employer, your coach, your life partner, your parents, or whoever is most important to you). You would put column 2 if you believe purpose is a calling that is significant because of who chose you, not so much because of what you accomplish. You may have some feeling for each of 1 and 2, but take your time and put the one answer that best describes what you usually mean by your sense of purpose. Then, put a score from one to ten that best captures how well you feel the itch of your soul is being satisfied.