Key Thought for this session:

“The outcome of my life fits my priorities.”

Freedom. People tend to view obligation or debt they have incurred from their past as constraining their freedom going forward. Even guilt feels like a bondage from past mistakes. Some people see freedom as the opportunity to do what is right, others see freedom as the lack of constraint that might otherwise keep them from doing what they want. Column 1 represents the freedom granted to you by someone who has the ability to take care of any debt, obligation or guilt you accrued from your past. Column 2 represents the freedom you have earned by avoiding debt, guilt and obligation, so you are able to do what you want. Column 1 freedom gives you the ability to do what is right without fear even though negative reactions, or obligation or debt may come. If you have Column 1 freedom you are more likely to be in tune with others because you have the freedom to be vulnerable. When are not afraid of how others may react, you are free to do what is right and not what you need to do to keep their favor. In contrast Column 2 sees freedom as the power you have gained from your past to do what you want to do now. This type of freedom means you have successfully positioned yourself with others so that you can make your own decisions. Others are not aware of any debt, obligations, or mistakes that they could use to guilt you into doing things you don’t want to. Column 2 sees freedom as an ability to do as you please because you have earned that right. Please select the column that best represents your worldview of freedom and then provide a number from 1 to 10 that captures how free you currently feel.