Key Thought for this session:

“The outcome of my life fits my priorities.”

Okay! I know this can be challenging for you to make these judgments that you may have never really thought about that much. Remember, we have said that sorting through our worldview is not always easy. Let’s look at “hope”. If joy primarily results from how we view the present and freedom results primarily from how we view the past, then hope is a function of how we view the future. Hope has a lot to do with how we deal with the uncertainties of life. You would select Column 1 if you feel that hope means an assurance that the future will be fine, regardless of what happens. Column 1 hope represents certainty. If your hope is that outcomes are not subject to whether your circumstances work out well or not, then you would select column 1 as your view of hope. This view of hope is interesting because it is difficult to ever see the future as certain, but if we had a worldview that could, then column 1 hope would be very satisfying. Column 2 represents a view of hope that relates more to what you may wish will happen. It is a desire that circumstances will somehow work out right for you. Once you select the column then give a number from 1 to 10 that best relates to the sense of hope you currently feel.