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     How to “Walk by the Spirit”
       Lesson 4: Satan’s Third Proposition— “YOU will know good and evil.”

The third thing that Satan said is “You will be like God, knowing good and evil.” The implication of this statement is it is not good for God to be in the place to dictate to you what is good and what is not. Instead of being dependent on God for all your perception and judgements, you will be better off if you are the one who is able to judge for yourself what is important and what is not important. It will be better off for you if you are the one who decides what is good, and fair, and what is evil, or not fair.

So, a little more elaboration. Let me just ask you this. Being honest with yourself, don’t you want to have the right to decide what is fair? When we are being honest, most of us would say, “Yes, actually I do want to have the right to say what is fair.” That seems so natural, because that is a part of our fallen nature. But it is not the way that it Is supposed to be. It is not the way God set it up. But it is very natural for us to think that way. All this is showing us as we are going through these things, is that we have a fallen nature.

Do you really want someone else, God in this case, to dictate to you what is fair? Do you want to be a mind-numbed robot? Doesn’t your opinion count? Yes. You are important enough for your opinion to count. Assert your independence. Show them that you count for something and that you are important. Does this sound like the theme of movies that we watch and we love? … It is … because it resonates with our fallen nature.

As we sit here, you may be saying, “You mean this is all bad?” Yes, actually. It is. Everything we just considered is bad, but it SEEMS so good. We want to point out that this is just evidence that we have a fallen nature and that it is strong in us. It is our natural way to view life.

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