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Traction—building your relationship with Jesus Christ via an interactive mountain-climbing adventure!

New to b4worldview? This is a great place to start! It takes about 40 minutes to travel this exciting mountain climbing adventure with some virtual friends. During this adventure, you will discover and examine some potential worldview misconceptions that may be hindering a closer more joyful walk with Jesus in your everyday life. And its FREE!

And a Great Discipleship Leader Training Experience: Are you grieved by seeing too many Christians having a lack-luster response to the riches that are theirs in Christ? Learn how to use the Traction adventure app to disciple others—leading them to better understand and embrace all that Jesus has done for them. Experience the excitement of watching their lives transform as they discover and deal with the obstacles that have been keeping them from more fully appropriating the gifts God has provided them through the sacrifice of Christ on the cross! Let us guide you through a fulfilling Discipleship Leader Training experience!

UnsettleMe—A Reality Check for the Worldview of your Soul!

Wanna know how well your worldview aligns with the way God sees reality? Then this app is for you! And its FREE!

Life is rough at times. Even confusing. Expectations go unfulfilled. People disappoint you. Things come at you out of nowhere. Life can be very unsettling.

But there is a silver lining to surprises. Having your world shaken up can actually help you in ways you never saw coming. Being unsettled can be a double-sided coin. One side is doubt. The other side is discovery!

b4worldview—for Christian deep-thinkers and Christian homeschoolers

b4worldview is a highly interactive, 15-hour college level discovery experience. Listen to college classroom lectures that will help you discover what parts of your worldview might be hindering a deeper closer walk with Jesus—as you learn to see reality the way Jesus sees it.

Appropriate for deep thinkers, ages 17 to 80. If you want to take a deep dive into the hidden recesses of your soul to examine the foundation assumptions of your worldview, and discover in what ways those may not align with Jesus, then this is the course for you.

b4worldview—for the Christian university classroom

b4worldview is an artificial intelligence (AI) driven discovery experience. It customizes the journey to each individual student based on what the AI discovers about the student’s personality, learning styles, and the personal aspects of the student’s worldview. This 15-hour highly interactive lecture-based discovery experience is appropriate for a lab or a special project to compliment your existing worldview courses.

The first 80% of the course helps the student discover the psychology and philosophy that form the core-assumptions upon which their personal worldview is founded. The last 20% of the course helps the student to understand the contrasts that exist between their own core-assumptions and those espoused by Jesus Christ in the gospels.

Institutional data is available to faculty and administration on the cohort of their students. This data includes core-assumption profiles and highlights those core-assumptions that impede a better understanding of Scripture and a closer walk with Jesus. Also, we can offer this as a revenue positive opportunity for the university (by rebating 50% of student lab fees to the university).

Other products and services

All related to helping you better understand the role your core-assumptions play in forming your worldview—and how that impacts your walk with the Lord.

  • Group games
  • Books
  • Extensive Worldview Resource Center
  • Interactive mini-course
  • Core-Assumptions Gap Assessment
  • 10 key questions coaching guide
  • Example cohort data analysis report
  • Bible study mini-course (video-based) on Walking by the Spirit

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