Artificial Intelligence b4worldview

Where is the artificial intelligence (A.I.) in the b4worldview courseware?

The b4worldview courseware is a new A.I. technology that combines multiple classical artificial intelligent technologies. B4worldview draws heavily from Joseph Weizenbaum’s ELIZA work done out of the MIT A.I. labs in which he discovered surprisingly strong human emotional attachment to a computerized system that carries on compassionate non-condemning intelligent conversations with people. Also, we use a modern object oriented isomorph of the forward chaining inference engine that appeared in many classical expert systems over the past several decades beginning with Common Lisp Object System implementations of the second generation OPS5-like expert systems. To ensure completeness of our knowledge bases, we employ the knowledgebase completeness algorithms that appeared in the 1990s in such graphical expert system development tools as K-Vision. Furthermore, our courseware draws on adaptive learning technologies appearing in some intelligent tutor programs to develop a student model of each unique student that guides the inference engine in delivering learning that is tailored specifically to optimize the learning of that student. There are other artificial intelligence theories that are not as commonly known, although they are publicly published in reputable scholarly sources, that we also draw on to enhance the quality of the student learning experience; but we prefer to leave these unnamed as we believe their incorporation into our courseware gives b4worldview a significant propriety competitive advantage.