What we offer b4worldview

What b4worldview offers you...

  1. While other worldview education programs are focused on EQUIPPING THE SAINTS, we are focused TRANSFORMING PEOPLE’S LIVES BY RENEWING THEIR MINDS.

    • We do this by focusing on the level beneath, or what comes before, worldview—the core assumptions level.
    • We transform their core assumptions by re-aligning them to the grace-based core assumptions espoused by Christ in the parables.
    • In this way, we achieve permanent and owned transformation in their core-assumptions which then automatically drive owned transformation in their worldviews.

  2. We provide the client with metrics which give them previously unseen and valuable insights into the individual and group traits of their student population.

    Some of the benefits of these new insights are:

    • Better understanding of where the obstacles are in preventing individual and group spiritual growth.
    • More effective mentoring and counseling.
    • Points the way to better targeted education and more effective training in discipleship.

  3. We are not another worldview education program; we make worldview education programs better.

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